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Petra Polívková

Certified yoga teacher

…. all magic of love and life lover

To me yoga is a never-ending journey. Journey of recognition and awakening of body, soul, and mind. Amazing source of strength, inner peace and tranquillity. Way to live fully and truly every present moment we are gifted. Way to true love, joy and acceptance that the only constant in our lives is change. Safe place always available to reconnect, nourish and heal. Loving awareness and patience with imperfections within us and life itself. Finding balance between pushing and surrounding. 
On yoga mat, off yoga mat.


From all my heart, with full respect and my best spirits I´m so grateful and happy to share my experiences, knowledge and life to all open souls and hearts who joins me on yoga mat. All of you are an amazing inspiration. Not less than all my teachers I have a lifechanging opportunity to learn from and I’m thankful to. So happy and pleased to support your own and personal way and approach to yoga whatever it means to you, whatever you look for and at whatever stage of your life and yoga journey you are now.

I love vinyasa style that embraces all from meditation, pranayama, strengthens body, and unwinds soul, also supports flexibility, balance, conscious movements improving circulation and flows with full breath in respect to all bodies and minds with no limits.

I offer and enjoy yin yoga and restorative classes too. Ways to deeper release and relaxation.

For each yoga class I choose and play carefully selected music to immerse inside through pleasant sounds and tones.

My classes are playful, full of creativity, openness, ease, and joy. Laugh often too. Just let it flow and go and BE. Let yourself just to BE. Observe your thoughts, emotions and body without involvement.

I´m the happiest when we end up our practice together with a huge smile on our faces and when you take some of yoga mat off into your real life.

Wish you find your home and safe place on the mat to be healed and nourished from the inside out, to find your true nature and ground, your inner strength of mind through the strength and flexibility of body.

Your body and breath are your main teachers. Let them to lead you through your practice with my kind help and touch and positive vibes energy.

Working also with my lovely teenagers. Through yoga practice and talks supporting their physical and mental health, kindness, loving awareness, and respect to diversities.

Working with my lovely seniors too.

Let´s meet on yoga mat and open to better, healthier and positive vibes state of being.




My yoga journey

Many years ago, yoga appeared in my life when I struggled with lower back pain doing lots of outdoor sports. I finished my first teacher´s training and just was INTO IT. Since then, yoga is always with me and within my life. Studying economics at the university, working in corporates, travelling, experiencing amazing adventure of raising my wonderful daughters, beautiful souls we have been gifted, experiencing all-embracing pure love …. working as an interior designer for many years, yoga slowly became life changing, full part of my life, true passion. Being so blessed and grateful to learn from my teachers all over the world mostly in Sri Lanka, India, Mexico, Costa Rica …. I´m dedicated to pass on my passion to others through yoga classes, online lessons, yoga events, weekends, and retreats. Studying, learning, sharing, playing, loving.

My yoga practice held me overcoming body injuries and surgeries. Held me losing my both parents in a short time, still at quite young age, my beloved MUM, so beautiful, charming, and strong woman, always willing to live her life fighting long and hard with bad cancer until the end to the next stage, and some other life transforming tough experiences that I just want to keep for myself. Yoga is always with me to hold me and to help staying present and strong. Smiling or crying.

I love travelling, being an adventurer of stepping into the new places, cultures, knowing new people. How liberating and so enriching. I love nature, its purity, beauty, and strength, hiking in the mountains of Peru, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Norway, Scotland, Austria, waves in the oceans of beloved Portugal, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Mexico. Surfing, mountain biking, ski touring, or just BEing in and within and observe …. That all connects me to nature and reconnects to myself. I´m not a vegan yogi, cup of coffee and glass of wine are my guilty pleasures, to some other secrets. Love spontaneity and unwrapping every magic of life.


Living life and its beauties, all from tears to laugh:)

greatful to my teachers, to my students for their ongoing ispiration


2022 - Mexico, Yoga and meditation, Buddhist mind philosophy, Whit Hornsberger - Canada

2021 - Prague, Jivamukti yoga workshop, Juan Sierra

2020 - Prague, Rehabilitation Prague School, DNS method prof. Kolář

2019 - Sri Lanka, Vinyasa, meditation, restorative yoga, intense seminar, Tye Fieldieng - Australia

2019 - Prague, Krama yoga, Buddhist philosophy, Whit Hornsberger - Canada

2018 - India, Goa, Vinyasa, meditation, Jennie Russell – UK

2017 - Prague, Yoga for teens, Karma Yoga

2017 - Prague, Yin Yoga for yoga teachers, KarmaYoga

2017 - Hormone yoga therapy by Dinah Rodrigues seminar, ÓM Yoga studio

2015 - Sri Lanka, Hatha yoga and meditation, Tara Sandra

2014 - Prague, Power Yoga Academy, 200 hours teachers training

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